Beyond the Whiteboard (BTWB):

This is a free perk we offer to all members to track your WODs, goals,and progress. To sign-up for BTWB and start tracking your progress, please email Matt@crossfitcayman.com to receive an invitation.

How to Eat: The Paleo Diet

www.robbwolf.com – Check out this site for all things Paleo! This site has tons of resources from testimonials, blogs, and podcasts to become more educated on how to start transforming your eating habits and life!

www.everydaypaleo.com– This is a great Paleo recipe site that takes a lot of your favorite recipes and makes them Paleo!


www.mobilitywod.com – This mobility site is something that everyone should follow! It is updated daily with a new mobility exercise to keep your body healthy and free from injury. Check it out!

Olympic Lifting:

www.catalystathletics.com – A great Olympic Lifting site for resources on how to improve your olympic lifts.


www.gymnasticswod.com – If you are wanting to learn gymnastics movements better, this site has tons of info, videos, and progressions to aide you.