August Athletes of the Month

Congrats to Malaqui Awe and Nick Rogers on being August’s Athletes of the Month! Please read their stories below.




Name: Malaqui Awe

Age: 37

Hometown: Cayman

How long have you been CrossFitting? That’s a good question..if we count interruptions let’s say 4yrs

What is your favorite WOD/Exercise? A chipper WOD (I like that no movement is repeated) or a tabata WOD.

What is your least favorite WOD/Exercise? Murph! Anything that starts and ends with a mile run is killer for me.  Or anything with snatches….not a fan of the snatch.  Or Fight Gone Bad!  That work will kill you regardless of your fitness level.  (Sorry that was 3 WODs!)
What is your previous workout/athletic background?  I’ve played sports my whole life.  However, my go to exercise before starting CrossFit was Pilates.

What was your first experience at CrossFit Cayman like? My very first day I walked through the door I saw members scattered around the room doing their thing, CrossFit language was on a white board…like what the heck does WOD and AMRAP mean?  Was I missing something? I instantly thought “WTH am I doing here?” Then I met my foundation peers to find out I wasn’t the only lost soul (thanks Tim D. for being by my side!).  The coaches were very welcoming, very supportive and just after one class I was comfortable and ready to learn.

What results have you seen since CrossFitting?  Quite a few results but the most obvious and best one is Strength! #strongissexy

What do you do to get yourself through a tough workout (mental thoughts, tips and tricks, etc.)? Mentally I try not to think so much to be honest otherwise I would probably talk myself out of it.  Just stay focused, do you and do not worry about what everyone else is doing around you. Keep moving would be my biggest tip. You don’t need to move fast, just keep a pace you know you can handle and stick to it.

What’s your favorite aspect about working out at CrossFit Cayman? My peeps.

What advice do you have for someone thinking about joining CrossFit Cayman?  Stop worrying if you ‘can’ and trust the process.


nick aom


Name: Nick Rogers

How long have you been CrossFitting? Four and a half years. I started shortly after turning 40, so initially it was a classic hot, physical, sweaty mid-life crisis, but it’s clear now that it is true love.

What is your favourite WOD/exercise? I should probably go for the things I am better at, like running, rowing, sit-ups: I am reasonably good at sustaining 80% effort over longer time domains. But I’m going to say snatches. I still struggle to lift anything heavier than a pencil with speed and balance – but nothing else in the gym makes me think as much, and it feels great on the rare occasions when I actually hit a good one.

What is your least favourite WOD/exercise? Only three things: (i) anything overhead (including snatches – it’s love-hate), (ii) squats, (iii) super-intense WODs like Fran. Weighted step-ups kind of suck as well. And chest-to-bar pull-ups. So only about 50% of what we do…

What is your previous workout/athletic background? I played lots of sports at school – nothing elite, but reasonably competent. When I had kids I remained pretty active but gave up organized sport.  I’ve always been kind of scrawny so I never needed to go for runs etc to lose weight – plus I figured I would always end up back at home anyway so I may as well not set off in the first place.

What was your first experience at CrossFit Cayman like? Heroin. I mean I’m only guessing, but when I sat on that bench in front of Tarasa and the whiteboard with three other people on the Foundation Course I knew immediately that I had found happiness and that I would be One Who Would Stick With It.  Then we had to do a micro workout that left me gasping on the floor surrounded by the shards of my shattered ego – but I came back the next day and have carried on chasing the dragon ever since.

What results have you seen since CrossFitting? There’s a line I like in a Julian Barnes book: “some people would call me thin, but I prefer to think of myself as having the whippy strength of a young sapling”.  I didn’t feel that was where I wanted to be as a 40 year old, so my main goal was to become less weak. Within 3 or 4 months I put on 8-10lbs without my body fat increasing.  And from that flowed other benefits like being more conscious of my posture, greater energy etc. But for me the feeling of being fit is a hugely satisfying end in itself.

What do you do to get yourself through a tough workout? I have a sliding scale. My normal approach is to calculate the work remaining in percentage terms, though it always amazes me how hard it is to do simple mental calculations when exercising. Next would be to sneak a peek at how Andrew/Renata/Kevin/Vinny/Stephen and even (if he is particularly hungover) Aaron are moving, and use that to spur me on.  DEFCON 1 is to imagine that my kids are cheering me on and that I cannot let them down – though I suspect they would actually just be laughing at the weird noises and dribble coming from me when it gets to that stage.

What’s your favourite aspect about working out at CrossFit Cayman? I’m not sure, but it’s definitely one of the following: the moment you finish a WOD; the calm that descends in the 10 second countdown just before a WOD; the WOD itself, sometimes; Saylah’s sit-ups; dropping the bar after a heavy clean; thoughtful, expert, caring, patient coaching from inspirationalathletes; the Roxanne burpee warm-up (if you’ve never done it, request it and then try not to smile); the Camana Bay location; trying, failing, trying again, failing better; finding myself doing handstands or bear crawls while my colleagues are at their desks eating their lunch; the impressive athletes I get to work out with, including the kind, enthusiastic, generous, funny friends I have made; the super-welcoming atmosphere; the variety; that Nathan must think, “you muppet!” every time I mess something up again but never says it; that the more you put in the more you get out; the feeling of being fit enough that I know I can have a crack at pretty much anything; feeling proud that my kids are proud. But mostly the location I think 😉

What advice do you have for someone thinking about joining CrossFit Cayman? If you want to get fit, stay fit and enjoy the journey then don’t be intimidated, just throw yourself into it. Still not sure? I saw someone wearing a T-shirt the other day saying, “Strong people are harder to kill”.

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