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We all come from somewhere. Meaning, we all have our own beginning, our own starting point that got us to the place we are today, especially when it comes to our journey in health and fitness. It is too true that society constantly flashes advertisements of ‘quick fixes’ or ‘easy dieting’ that guarantees us to achieve our desired goals within a matter of weeks, sometimes days. But the actual truth that no one desires to hear and accept is that change, true, lasting and healthy change, takes a long, long time. In fact, the process is endless; it is a continuous walk of evolvement. We should never believe the lie that abs are achieved in 6 weeks, or that it’s healthy to lose 50 pounds in one month. Why? Because at the end of the day, sustainability is the key to making good habits become your lifestyle. The sharp and hurtful reality of being disappointed in yourself when you can’t keep up with harsh dieting rules and extreme exercise practices after a month is the worst feeling of all. You feel like you’ve failed and wasted your energy and time. What needed to be done instead? The acceptance of making good choices for yourself every day and knowing it will lead you to your goals slowly, but definitely surely. A proper mindset towards achieving a healthy body and mind is 100% nutrition, and 100% proper exercise, not 80% exercise, 20% diet, or any other uneven percentage combination. The two components go hand-in-hand; always have, always will. 

Vincent Baker, a CrossFit Cayman member since June 2015, knows this to be true for himself.

But we’ll let him tell you his story.


Describe your overall health (physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually) before starting CrossFit. Where were you as a person? How did you feel or think on a regular basis? Where did you want to be?

 Physically: Before joining CrossFit little over two years ago, overall I believed that, physically, I was up to a good standard. I trained regularly at the gym, practiced Ju-jitsu, played soccer, and when I arrived on island, I’d often go swimming whenever I was bored – I quickly discovered that swimming is not the answer for boredom.

 Mentally: From a young age, I’ve had a keep-fit mentality. I started weight training at the age of 16, but enjoyed playing sports and exercising even younger.

Emotionally: I was always looking to win/ do better, and took it to heart when I didn’t. This hasn’t changed.

 Spiritually: I don’t believe in ghosts.

 My goal before joining CrossFit was to get leaner and stronger.


What made you decide to turn your life around and make a change?

Though I was a regular gym-goer, I found that I would do the same routines over and over, which meant I would work the same muscle groups a lot, and not work others nearly half as much. I would also slack on some days and go home thinking that I should have worked a lot harder. In other words, I had not yet been introduced to “constantly varied functional movements at a high intensity”, but soon would be after signing up for CrossFit.  The first few classes made me realize that I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was.


 How has a consistent exercise program made a difference to your life since you started CrossFit? 

 Having a consistent exercise program means that CrossFit is now a major part of my daily routine, so much so that, I feel guilty missing a single day of training. I am seeing more results in two years of CrossFit than I did in almost ten years of training at a regular gym. The program is varied day-to-day and works every muscle during the course of a week. This ensures that I am working the whole body, and not missing certain muscle groups, which I would do previously.


How has nutrition played a role in the achievement of your goals to this point in your life? 

Since my goal is to get leaner, I had to make changes to my diet to achieve this. The biggest changes made include cutting out fast food completely, and dramatically limiting carbohydrates and sugar intake. I never thought I’d see the day that I would drink a coffee without sugar.


How would you describe your nutrition in the past (before CrossFit maybe, and even when you played sports as a young adult)?

I would eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.


Have you ever done any of our gym 30 day challenges? If so, how have you maintained those healthy eating habits since those challenges? 

I am guilty of never attempting a 30-day challenge. Though I believe that my current diet is working for what I’m trying to achieve, I could definitely tighten it up, and benefit from taking part in a challenge. When is the next one?!


How has proper nutrition and exercise helped your holistic health (mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.)? For example, are you more confident, happier, more energetic, etc.?  

I am definitely more disciplined, especially when it comes to dieting. I try to stick with strict portion sizes of protein/ carbs/ fat, and eat at the right times of the day. I am also more disciplined with sleep, ensuring that I get at least 8 hours a night.


Would you agree with the statement that fitness is 100% proper nutrition and 100% proper exercise? How does this belief guide you day-to-day in and out of the gym? 

I agree. You need to give 100% in the gym to achieve your goals. And without 100% nutrition, what’s the point in giving 100% in the gym? The pair go hand-in-hand.


Do you have any more goals for yourself that you’re still working on and have a plan of action for? 

CrossFit Games 2018 – here I come!



Everyone has their own story, they have their own host of struggles, addictions, habits, responsibilities and hurdles to face everyday. But the one thing we all understand and face equally is the power of choice. When you truly decide to set out to accomplish your goal and understand what is required to achieve it (consistent day-by-day decisions, not quick fixes), it doesn’t matter what struggles, addictions, habits, responsibilities and hurdles you have because you will accept whatever is necessary to achieve that goal, even if it means abstaining from that glass of wine or box of cookies for a little while. 


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