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Celene Crance


Left: July 2013 | Right: November 2016


We all come from somewhere. Meaning, we all have our own beginning, our own starting point that got us to the place we are today, especially when it comes to our journey in health and fitness. It is too true that society constantly flashes advertisements of ‘quick fixes’ or ‘easy dieting’ that guarantees us to achieve our desired goals within a matter of weeks, sometimes days. But the actual truth that no one desires to hear and accept is that change, true, lasting and healthy change, takes a long, long time. In fact, the process is endless; it is a continuous walk of evolvement. We should never believe the lie that abs are achieved in 6 weeks, or that it’s healthy to lose 50 pounds in one month. Why? Because at the end of the day, sustainability is the key to making good habits become your lifestyle. The sharp and hurtful reality of being disappointed in yourself when you can’t keep up with harsh dieting rules and extreme exercise practices after a month is the worst feeling of all. You feel like you’ve failed and wasted your energy and time. What needed to be done instead? The acceptance of making good choices for yourself every day and knowing it will lead you to your goals slowly, but definitely surely. A proper mindset towards achieving a healthy body and mind is 100% nutrition, and 100% proper exercise, not 80% exercise, 20% diet, or any other uneven percentage combination. The two components go hand-in-hand; always have, always will. 

Celene Crance, a CrossFit Cayman member since June 2014, knows this to be true for herself.

But we’ll let her tell you her story.



Describe your overall health (physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually) before starting CrossFit. Where were you as a person? How did you feel or think on a regular basis? Where did you want to be?

Before starting CF 3 years ago, I was a different person, with a different mindset and my personal priorities were out of whack.  I was way overweight, but always made excuses (although some of them were real), as to why I couldn’t go  to the gym.  I remember always saying that I didn’t have the time to fit it into my day. Although that was true I soon realized that I had to do something, as my weight was getting out of control. I started going to the nearby track and would walk a couple of times a week, but gave up soon after. Thankfully, I’ve never had to take any prescription medications and still don’t to this day.


What made you decide to turn your life around and make a change?

I had pretty much given up on myself (exercise wise).  Then out of the blue Nikki asked me to join her at our CFC gym (I had seen and heard about CF previously from Nikki, as she was a member at a Tampa gym and also did  “drop ins” at our gym when she was on break from school). Surprisingly, she didn’t have to really convince me to join.  I went with her, but wasn’t really committed in my mind.  Even after going through Foundations I wasn’t really sure if I would continue. I wasn’t sure if I could discipline myself enough to commit to it.  However, the very next Monday after my last Foundations class, I just showed up for groups and by about the second group class I was convinced that I could really stick to this. I didn’t think about going, I just went.  I really liked it and found the community of members and coaches very encouraging.  In a very short time I began to see results, particularly in my weight, but also in my attitude.  This motivation just kept me going and it is still true today.


How has a consistent exercise program made a difference to your life since you started CrossFit? 

Since CF I am a very different person now and exercise is a major part of my routine. I find that if I miss even a day from my committed time at the gym I feel guilty.  I LOVE CFC and feel that if I were working out at a regular gym I’m not sure that I would be as disciplined and committed as I am at CFC.  This has a lot to do with the coaching and the membership at CFC though.


How has nutrition played a role in the achievement of your goals to this point in your life? 

I have made huge improvements in my eating habits and the types of food I eat.  I have done the Whole30 Challenge about three times and saw wonderful results each time.  I  have worked very hard to get where I am now, especially weight wise and I keep reminding myself of that, which helps me to make good choices for food.  There is still more improvements that need to be done, but overall, I have come a long way.


How would you describe your nutrition in the past (before CrossFit maybe, and even when you played sports as a young adult)?

I pretty much didn’t care what I ate or how much I ate.


You started to buy-in to the proper nutrition aspect of health when you did CrossFit Cayman’s various 30 day challenges. How have you maintained those healthy eating habits since those challenges? 

It sticks with you once you’ve tried the challenges. Once you learn the value of good nutrition and what it does for your body, you continue on that track as much as possible.  It almost becomes second nature.  Of course you slip up a few times, but the point is not to give up.  Just get back on track.


How has proper nutrition and exercise helped your holistic health (mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.)? For example, are you more confident, happier, more energetic, etc.?  

I am definitely a more self confident, energetic, disciplined and healthier person since CF than I have been in a very long time.


Would you agree with the statement that fitness is 100% proper nutrition and 100% proper exercise? How does this belief guide you day-to-day in and out of the gym? 

I most definitely agree. To be truly successful in this journey, you have to have100% of  both.


Do you have any more goals for yourself that you’re still working on and have a plan of action for? 

 I do still have certain goals for myself.  I have a set amount of weight I am still trying to lose and would like to add more gym time to my routine from the 3 days a week I now attend.  I still work on improving my eating habits, even though I have made good improvements already. I would also like to work a bit more to improve on certain workout skills.


Everyone has their own story, they have their own host of struggles, addictions, habits, responsibilities and hurdles to face everyday. But the one thing we all understand and face equally is the power of choice. When you truly decide to set out to accomplish your goal and understand what is required to achieve it (consistent day-by-day decisions, not quick fixes), it doesn’t matter what struggles, addictions, habits, responsibilities and hurdles you have because you will accept whatever is necessary to achieve that goal, even if it means abstaining from that glass of wine or box of cookies for a little while. 


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