Athlete of the Month: Jon Marshall

jon marshall

Name: Jonathan Marshall

Age: 25

Hometown: Vancouver, BC, Canada

How long have you been CrossFitting? 

Since mid-February 2015. 7 Months of classes since then (with a couple travel breaks).


What is your favorite WOD/Exercise?

I love working on my squat clean. I find it both challenging and therapeutic.


What is your least favorite WOD/Exercise?

I have pretty gangly arms and find strict overhead movements difficult, like the strict press and HSPU’s.


What is your previous workout/athletic background?

I grew up playing soccer from a pretty young age and continued to do so through high school. In college I played rec. soccer for a couple years and pick-up ultimate frisbee. I had exercised in a gym pretty regularly since I was teenager but it wasn’t until my sophomore year of college that I started to actually train (with specific goals in mind). My roommate and I did a ‘Strong Lifts’ 5×5 program using Mark Riptoe’s ‘Starting Strength’ as a guide for form and technique. This was good for beginners but as we plateaued we started looking for other programs. Since then I have usually trained with a partner and looked for other powerlifting or ‘functional movement’ training programs.


What was your first experience at CrossFit Cayman like?

My first experience at CrossFit Cayman was pretty eye opening. Having never had a coach or personal trainer, the 3 week Foundation Course not only introduced me to CrossFit movements which I had never done before but also showed me the poor movement patterns and habits that I created through training on my own.


What results have you seen since CrossFitting?

When I showed up to CrossFit Cayman I think I was 163 lbs. and pretty soft. I was doing scaled pull-ups with a big green band and working out 3 times per week. By my forth month I managed to bulk up to about 175 lbs. (Thanks Chicken-Chicken!) and started to workout a hard 4 times a week often at the Women’s Rx weights. Since then I have refined my diet further (pretty close to Paleo), I weigh in around 166-168 lbs, and I got my first ring muscle-up this week as well as snatch and clean and jerk PR’s this month.

What do you do to get yourself through a tough workout (mental thoughts, tips and tricks, etc.)?

Plain and simple I remind myself (sometimes out loud!) that I can handle just about any discomfort for a short period of time. And trust me, soon enough you’ll learn to like breathing fire.


What’s your favorite aspect about working out at CrossFit Cayman?

The coaching is world class! Since starting I had done classes at boxes in 3 different states and I can confidently say that Coaches Tarasa, Matt, Nathan, and Niki bring a level of professionalism and personalism that is sometimes hard to find in CrossFit.


What advice do you have for someone thinking about joining CrossFit Cayman?

The hardest step is the first. Know that you will never be put in an uncomfortable or embarrassing position and that you will be surrounded by classmates and coaches that have been in your shoes and want the absolute best for you health and fitness.

Thanks CrossFit Cayman!

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