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Beyond the Whiteboard Challenge: The Winners!!

Again, awesome job to everyone that took on this Challenge and stuck with it for the past 5 weeks! We hope you can continue this lifestyle of hitting up the gym more, making better choices when eating, and continue to log everything into BTW.

There was no doubt who won this Challenge when it came to an end! One of the biggest factors we looked at was if the participant posted daily on BTW. We also factored in loss of inches, […]

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Tuesday June 18, 2013

Beyond the Whiteboard Challenge

Awesome job to everyone that took on the BTW Challenge over the past 5 weeks! Not only did we see a lot of inches, pounds, and body fat lost, but everyone’s Fight Gone Bad scores were immensely improved. Also, you guys did a great job on logging all your info on BTW. We hope you keep up this lifestyle change 🙂

Please take a look at CrossFit Chatter on our site for the winners of the Challenge 🙂


Workout […]

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Monday June 17, 2013

Due to the Holiday, operating hours for Monday, June 17 will be Open gym from 9-11 a.m.
Workout of the Day:
Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
20 Pull-ups
30 Box jumps, 20 inch box

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Saturday June 15, 2013

Reminder:  The challenge retest starts at 8:30am.  This will be taking the place of the 9:30am group class.  Also the Free Trial class will be cancelled today.

Workout of the Day:

“Fight Gone Bad!”

Three rounds of:
Wall-ball, 20 pound ball, 10 ft target (Reps)
Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75 pounds (Reps)
Box Jump, 20″ box (Reps)
Push-press, 75 pounds (Reps)
Row (Calories)

In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute.The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. This is a five-minute round from […]

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Friday June 14, 2013

Workout of the Day:
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

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Thursday June 13, 2013

Workout of the Day:
Three rounds, for time:
Run 200 meters
15 Power cleans (135/95)
15 Burpees
Endurance Wod:
For Time:
200 meter run
50 Double-unders
400 meter run
40 Double-unders
600 meter run
30 Double-unders
800 meter run
20 Double-unders
1000 meter run
10 Double-unders

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Wednesday June 12, 2013

Workout of the Day:

Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5
Use 70-75% of your 1 rep max.

50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
Air squat

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Tuesday June 11, 2013

Workout of the Day:
21-18-15-12-9-6 and 3 rep rounds of:
Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75/55 pounds
Push jerk, 75/55 pounds
Endurance Wod:
4 x 400 meters
Rest 2 minutes between efforts.

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Monday June 10, 2013

Workout of the Day:
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Handstand push-ups
7 Chest to bar pull-ups
35 pound Dumbbel/Kettlebelll snatch, 10 reps, alternating

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Saturday June 8, 2013

Reminder: Free trial class is cancelled for Saturday, June 8.
Workout of the Day:
In teams of two, with one partner working at a time, complete the following:
100 Wallball shots (20/14)
100 Pull-ups
100 Goblet Squats (35/26)
100 Push Press (75/55)

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